Battery Spray Fogger 5L

battery ulv cold fogger

Battery Spray Fogger 5L

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Battery Spray Fogger 5L: IN STOCK - 48HR DELIVERY 

The portable battery spray fogger is a practical solution for public spaces, outdoor spaces, outdoor furniture and play equipment.

Battery operated portable ULV Cold Fogging Machine For Use With Diluted Disinfectant.

  • Portable Battery Spray Fogger
  • Precise spraying of disinfectant 
  • Battery Powered 2000mah
  • 12v 
  • Effective Range 1.5-2.0m
  • Particle Size 50 microns  (Adjustable)
  • Atomization Volume: 142-145ml/min (Adjustable)
  • Tank Capacity 5 L
  • Gross Weight 2kgs 
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty
  • CE Certified
  • USB Charger

By Using a fogging machine you can cover vast areas without missing any surfaces. The sanitiser lands wet (due to the particle size this machine will spray disinfectant wetter than the mains powered version )  and offers a full covering of disinfectant. 

Fogger Usage

Mix your chosen disinfectant (Craftex Microkill) externally in a suitable container (Helps prevent COVID-19 Spread) in accordance with the manufacturers label. 

Do not fill the ULV Cold Fogger Machine with more than 5 litres of diluted product at a time.

Use suitable PPE Goggles, mask, gloves, and overalls.

The particles will be able to get into hard to get areas, where traditional cleaning can't. 

After use rinse the tank and allow to dry before storing, allows store away from direct sunlight and areas below freezing. 

Government Guidance (Public Health England Guidance) On Cleaning can be found here

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