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How To Use A Fogging Machine

How To Use A Fogging Machine

Please watch how to safely turn the machine off.

What Is A Fogging Machine?

A fogging machine (fogger) is a piece of equipment that uses a fine mist to apply cleaning chemicals. The disinfectant (Virucidal Disinfectant BS EN14476 - BS EN 1276 Antiviral Disinfectant) is able to be applied to all areas within a room due to the fog mist created by using a fogger, even hard to get to areas will be bacteria free and airborne micro-organism eliminated. The fogger supersaturates the atmosphere with disinfectant, the area covered will vary depending on the set up used.

By Using a fogging machine you can cover vast areas without missing any surfaces or the need to wipe afterwards. The sanitiser lands dry on all surfaces hard or soft without causing any harm and offers a full covering of disinfectant. 

Who Should Use The ULV Fogger?

Who Should Use a Fogging Machine

The ULV fogging machine is ideal for wide variety of business ideally suited where lots of independent rooms need to be cleaned special attention should be applied to washrooms, staff rooms, kitchen areas high volume and touch areas (door handle worktops, desks, chairs etc).

Care Homes – Crematoriums - Dental Practices – GP Surgeries – Vet Practices –Pharmacies – Schools - Day Care Facilities – Leisure Centres - Shopping Centres – Sporting Venues – Gyms – Garden Centres - Restaurants – Bars – Cafes - Shops – Takeaways - Hotels – Camp sites - Hair Salons – Beauty Salons – Nail Bars - Hospitality venues – Tourist Attractions – Children Play Centres – Any place the public will visit.

What Disinfectant Should You Use?

Look for a disinfectant that has been tested to BS EN 14476. 

Antiviral lemon disinfectant concentrate has been assessed for virucidal activity following test methods such as BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 and BS EN 14675. Results show it is effective against a range of viruses such as the H1N1 influenza virus, Norovirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and the Ebola virus. The Coronavirus is not currently available for commercial laboratories to test against so we cannot give a definitive contact time and dilution rate. However, given the above test data we can reasonably expect Antiviral Lemon Disinfectant Concentrate  to have efficacy against the virus. We would therefore recommend using the product for general disinfection in the infection prevention and control for the 2019-nCoV.

You can use any Virucidal Disinfectant (anti-viral disinfectant) We recommend 

Antiviral Lemon Disinfectant Concentrate

How To Use A Fogging Machine?

Using a fogger should be as routine as using a hoover or mopping the floor. We recommend using the machine at least once every 30 days on low traffic areas such as offices. In high traffic areas open to the general public we recommend using the fogger every day.

Remember using a fogging machine is easy and quick to use and will provide your customers with confidence that you take sanitation seriously, which will become a selling point in the future.

We strongly believe that a premises cleanliness will be a critical factor in the businesses future.

Firstly make sure you are wearing suitable PPE Goggles, mask, gloves, and overalls is advisable and recommended.

We recommend cleaning all surfaces with a damp cloth with a suitable cleaning solution (this is not required but advised in a deep clean). Remember hard to get areas will be cleaned with the fog mist. Try and wipe down all high touch areas such as worktops, chairs, telephones, keyboards, door handles, light switches, bathrooms and kitchens. (most of our customers have informed us that they will fog first then do there normal cleaning routine.)

As cleaning regularly will become normal for most, perhaps hourly checks on certain areas (already in place in a number of businesses). Moving straight to using the fogging machine will reduce the time required for the end of day deep clean.

Mix your chosen disinfectant (we recommend using a Virucidal Disinfectant (BS EN 14476 BS EN 1276 - We recommend Antiviral Disinfectant) which is Government Approved) externally in a suitable container (Helps prevent COVID-19 Spread) in accordance with the manufacturers label. 

Do not fill the ULV Cold Fogger Machine with more than 5 litres of diluted product at a time.

Plug the ULV fogger into a suitable extension cable if required (mains powered) and adjust the particle size using the control button on the nozzle.

Handy shoulder strap for you to move around your room, spray all areas as required. We recommend spraying high to low remember to spray below worktops, beds around toilets and so on. The particles will be able to get into hard to get areas, where traditional cleaning can't. 

You can cover vast areas without missing any surfaces or the need to wipe afterwards. The sanitiser lands dry on all surfaces hard or soft without causing any harm and offers a full covering of disinfectant. 

Do not operate the fogging machine in an enclosed area for more than 30 minutes. You can cover over 1000sq ft in under 5 minutes.

Do not leave the fogger directly on the ground as this may allow dust/water into the machine, which will affect its operation.

VERY IMPORTANT - Close the adjustable spray knob (throttle) wait 5 seconds then turn the machine off, as this will prevent liquid flowing back into the motor, which could trip the power. 

This video shows you how to turn the machine of correctly.


After use rinse the tank with water and dispose of the solution done a drain. Allow to dry before storing, you can dry quicker by using paper towels. Allows store away from direct sunlight and areas below freezing. 

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